Phys 8.S271

Phys 8.S271 in the Spring semester 2022 was a subject which we believed would be of interest and importance to a wide range of students. Our goal was to educate those taking the subject about how nuclear weapons came into being, the physics of these weapons, how they are structured, how they have evolved over the past several decades, efforts to control them and limit the threats that they represent, and what the possibilities for the future are. Many people in our country and other countries are not aware of what an existential threat nuclear weapons represent, and this lack of awareness is an important part of the overall threat. We hoped to address this issue for the students who took the subject and for those they influence..

Please, check the links below for class description:

Lectures Teachers
Prelude to the Manhattan Project Michael V. Hynes, 
The Manhattan Project Michael V. Hynes
Nuclear Testing Michael V. Hynes
Nuclear Weapon Effects Jean Mongu Bele
Nuclear Weapons and the Cold war James J. Walsh
Arms Control and Disarmament, 1945-1989 James J. Walsh
Safeguards-Domestic and International Richard Lanza & David Chichester
Nuclear Forensics Areg Danagoulian
The Multilayer Defense William A. Barletta
Case Studies in Proliferation James J. Walsh
The Black Market and its Manipulation Michael V. Hynes
Current Status of Nuclear Weapons Robert P. Redwine
The Future of Nuclear Weapons James J. Walsh